• Redefining how you play immersive games

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Leaders in Live Gaming Tech

Don't just play the game. Live the Game.

We sell the latest gaming technology

We sell everything you need to level up your Immersive Gaming. By combining the power of a smart phone with our hardware, the Daemon Platform outperforms anything you have experienced.

Play the Game - NOT the RULES!

A truly revolutionary system that allows you to play anywhere. The Daemon Platform interface tracks game effects like spells, damage, and healing, eliminating the need to keep track in your head. So simple a child could use it this system is only limited by your imagination.

Annemarie Tyler

Loved working with these folks. Always looking beyond the horizon to advance immersion in gaming!

Melody Starr

The Daemon Platform can be used to play a wide variety of games. The game is controlled by an app that is customized to create the genre and rules you want to play. All you'll need is the app, weapon (or wand!), and sensors in order to participate.

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