B3 Imagination Studio
LARP Weapons and accessories.

B3 Imagination Studio

A membership based workshop and Maker Space specializing in LARP, SCA, and other imaginative projects.

B3 Imagination Studio is a Massachusetts based manufacturer of ultra light foam weapons. B3IS was founded in 2016 by Ben Becker who has been well known for making weapons for LARPing since 1996. These weapons are constructed with an emphasis on safety, comfort, and durability.

For almost 25 years, Ben Becker has been innovating and manufacturing Live Action Role Playing equipment.  In 1996 Ben founded The Adventurer's Outlet, Inc (the parent company of B3) and was one of the first companies to manufacture equipment specifically for LARP.   For over 15 years Ben worked as the lead product development engineer for New England's largest foam fabrication company.  Now, Ben uses his advanced knowledge of engineering, foam, plastics, automated manufacturing to bring you high quality and cost effective LARP equipment.   

Alyssum Iris, founder of Lotus Armory, joined B3 in 2016 adding her artistic touch to B3’s offerings.