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Cloak Pin Twisted Cloak Pin

A durable metal pin to hold your cloak closed.

Price: $12.00
Maintenance Silicone Maintenance Silicone

Silicone spray.

Price: $12.00
Tavern Tankard Tavern Tankard

Cozy up your Solo cup.

Price: $20.00
Sale Price: $18.00
Savings: $2.00
Elven Headband Elven Headband

Leather headband

Price: $27.00
Scabbard Adventurer Sword Holder

Scabbard for belt

Price: $28.00
Leather Belt Aruthian Belt

Long leather belt

Price: $29.00
Telescope with Leather Pouch Telescope with Leather Pouch

Brass and leather telescope.

Price: $32.00
Tabard Basic Tabard

Full length tabard

Price: $32.00
Landsknecht Shirt Landsknecht Shirt

Red and black shirt with laced neck

Price: $36.00
Tunic Tunic

Basic cotton tunic

Price: $36.00
Fencing Shirt Fencing Shirt

Cotton fencing shirt

Price: $36.00
Basic Pants Basic Pants

Straight cut, drawstring pants

Price: $36.00
Serpent Dagger Serpent Dagger

Dagger with waved blade and jeweled crossguard.

Price: $37.00
Thieves Gloves Thieves Gloves

Fingerless leather gloves

Price: $37.00
Tristan Vest Tristan Vest

Light cotton doublet

Price: $38.00
Bollocks Dagger Bollocks Dagger

A narrow, double-edged dagger.

Price: $44.00
Illumine Sword Holder Illumine Sword Holder

Reversible scabbard

Price: $44.00
Medieval Pants Medieval Pants

Heavy cotton pants

Price: $44.00
Battle Skirt Battle Skirt

Cotton battle skirt

Price: $44.00
Photo of the Elven Blade Elven Short Blade

A medium length blade with an Elven design.

Price: $46.00
Ready for Battle Buckler Ready for Battle Buckler

All-purpose round shield.

Price: $46.00
Ready For Battle Broad Axe Ready For Battle Broad Axe

One-handed axe with a half-moon shaped blade.

Price: $51.00
Gaiters Pirate Gaiters

Black Gaiters

Price: $54.00
Ready for Battle Kite Shield, Wood Finish Ready for Battle Kite Shield, Wood Finish

Semi-curved, wooden-textured kite shield.

Price: $57.00
Ready For Battle Round Shield, Sword Motif Ready For Battle Round Shield, Sword Motif

Small, round shield decorated with a sword.

Price: $57.00
Ready For Battle Basic Errant Ready For Battle Basic Errant

A basic but elegant all-purpose blade.

Price: $57.00
Landsknecht Pants Landsknecht Pants

Colorful cotton pants

Price: $58.00
Thieves Tools Thieves Tools

A collection of steel and brass tools designed to pick locks or disable traps.

Price: $59.00
Combat Knife Combat Knife

Modern utility knife and dagger.

Price: $60.00
Leather Belt with Pouches Leather Belt with Pouches

Unisex utility belt.

Price: $68.00
Sale Price: $64.00
Savings: $4.00