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Tavern Tankard Tavern Tankard

Cozy up your Solo cup.

Price: $20.00
Sale Price: $18.00
Savings: $2.00
Serpent Dagger Serpent Dagger

Dagger with waved blade and jeweled crossguard.

Price: $37.00
Bollocks Dagger Bollocks Dagger

A narrow, double-edged dagger.

Price: $44.00
Photo of the Elven Blade Elven Short Blade

A medium length blade with an Elven design.

Price: $46.00
Ready For Battle Broad Axe Ready For Battle Broad Axe

One-handed axe with a half-moon shaped blade.

Price: $51.00
Ready For Battle Basic Errant Ready For Battle Basic Errant

A basic but elegant all-purpose blade.

Price: $57.00
Combat Knife Combat Knife

Modern utility knife and dagger.

Price: $60.00
Basic Swords Basic Swords

Basic sword

Price: $65.00
Orchid Saber Orchid Saber

Flat bladed saber with curved hand guard.

Price: $70.00
Footman's Mace Footman's Mace

One-handed mace.

Price: $70.00
Hunter Sword Hunter Sword

A partially-serrated utility blade with a leather wrapped handle.

Price: $70.00
Roman Sword Roman Sword

Classic Roman short sword.

Price: $70.00
Cleaver Cleaver

A jagged and spiked war axe.

Price: $70.00
Sword of Leonidas Sword of Leonidas

Medium length sword with leaf shaped blade.

Price: $70.00
Viking Short Sword Viking Short Sword

Sturdy short sword

Price: $73.00
Demon Slayer Demon Slayer

A solid mace with jagged metal flanges.

Price: $75.00
Custom Swords Custom Swords

Choose your own sword

Price: $75.00
Celtic Leaf Sword Celtic Leaf Sword

Double-edged short sword of Celtic design.

Price: $76.00
Katana Katana

A medium length blade with an Asian flare.

Price: $82.00
Celtic Knot Saber Celtic Knot Saber

Celtic Knot Saber

Price: $85.00
Sport Bow Sport Bow

LARP safe, packet bow

Price: $85.00
Corsair Cutlass Corsair Cutlass

One-handed, pirate sword.

Price: $86.00
Small Sword, 85 cm Small Sword, 85 cm

Medium length dueling sword.

Price: $86.00
Deluxe Axe Deluxe Axe

Custom Axes

Price: $90.00
Small Sword, 100 cm Small Sword, 100 cm

Double-edged sword with basket hilt.

Price: $92.00
Noble Sword Noble Sword

A longsword with a distinctive, rapier-inspired hilt and a slim, double-edged blade.

Price: $92.00
Bone Blade Bone Blade

A one-handed, bone plated chopping sword with a horned crossguard and bone pommel.

Price: $97.00
Battle Axe Battle Axe

One-handed bearded axe.

Price: $97.00
Choppa Choppa

A rough and ready blade that has seen many battles.

Price: $103.00
Basic Padded Packet Bow Basic Padded Packet Bow

LARP safe, padded long bow

Price: $124.99